CrazyFriends are digital collectibles characters full of personality!

Our unique NFT provides collectors with limited quantity trading cards. We'll only issue a certain amount of cards. Each card released portrays a fun character with a funny or inspirational message. Try and collect them all.

CrazyFriends is the first collection from NFT Launchpad, a project that aims to increase the reach of the NFT market around the world.

Crazyfriends Collection next steps:

May 2021

  • Launch Genesis Edition - Common and Uncommon Cards

  • NFT Giveaway event

  • Launch Rare and Legendary cards (Genesis Edition)

June 2021

  • 3 series of Packs (theme based)

  • Blending

  • Launch of Zombie Series

July 2021

  • Colab with other creators

  • Launch of “Country Packs”

  • Start of Second Season


Crazy Julia

Geek at heart, Juila is a colorist and pixel artist. She started to add color to comic books when she was 10 years old. After becoming familiar with the WAX ecossystem, she now puts all her efforts in NFT creation and is very proud to launch the CrazyFriends collection working together with Crazy Peter.

Crazy Peter

Has had a passion for drawing since he was a little kid. Combined with his passion for technology, Peter became an NFT artist and is very excited about his projects to come. Proud geek, when Peter is not thinking about technology, he is thinking about food.